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MSM LUXURY ESTATES is a premier boutique and specialty Real Estate company catering to the demands of the luxurious estate marketplace. The company is based in Beverly Hills and services distinguished clientele with unsurpassed discretion within neighboring communities.

MSM LUXURY ESTATES professional standards provides the highest level of personal service that includes, expertise of marketing fine homes, comprehensive analysis, real estate brokerage & the commitment to building enduring relationships.

MSM Luxury Estates

  • How would you like to enjoy this $75million view of Laguna Beach from this balcony. Formerly owned by Richard Nixon this San Clemente Estate is the one of the most expensive properties for sale in Orange County.

  • Within our offices MSM Luxury Estates has a dedicated team of experts operating solely for the investor savvy Chinese market.

    In constant communication with our clientele, through our China division, we are speaking, negotiating and representing them in residential and commercial real estate daily.

    "The Chinese are the top foreign buyers of U.S. homes, spending $22 billion on residential real estate from April 2013 to March 2014, according to the National Assn. of Realtors. About 51% of reported purchases were in California, Washington and New York."

    There are many opportunities awaiting in our Los Angeles network.

    "California was the top destination as Chinese investors put $5.9 billion into almost 370 businesses that provide about 8,300 jobs, mostly in the Los Angeles and San Francisco metropolitan areas."

    Read more in the article below.

    Chinese investments in U.S. businesses are accelerating
    Chinese investments in U.S. businesses, all but nonexistent 15 years ago, now total nearly $50 billion and could reach $200 billion by the end of the decade, according to a new study tracking the accelerating trend.
  • Silver Lake house, designed by architect Barbara Bestor, just purchased by Mark Duplas of Duplas Productions. This purchase makes it the second-highest priced property ever paid for in the neighborhood.

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  • The right lighting can create a modern day, spa ambience. Illuminate the area round the tub with its own separate light fixtures.

  • Architecturally admirable, we are pleased with the GMP Architects design of this 75,000 sq ft luxury development. Breaking ground in one of the most expensive real estate corridors in the country, you still have time to be the first to live in one of its 56 residential luxury units. Located in Westwood's Condo Canyon off Wilshire near #BeverlyHills, we will be happy to present you the many opportunities available.

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